What Is Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine explores how ‘nutrition’ impacts health. It investigates the relationship between diet and disease and how nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, inflammation and/or dysfunction within the body can be corrected to achieve balance, harmony and improved health outcomes.  Nutrients are required for the proper functioning of EVERY biochemical process and pathway in our body. And we get those nutrients from FOOD! Yes from the food we eat! Nutrients provide nourishment for life and growth and include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and also supported by fiber and water. This is why the foundation of nutritional therapy is based on the ‘food as medicine’ philosophy, combined with dietary therapy, nutritional biochemistry and the latest scientific and evidence-based research.


How can I support you to achieve health and vitality…

 As a qualified Nutritionist, my role is to investigate what foods and nutrients will be required to assist you to achieve optimal health and vitality. I explore the underlying causes of imbalance within the body from a holistic perspective – looking at the WHOLE person to determine how dietary, environmental, cultural and lifestyle factors impact wellbeing.

During our Initial Wellness Consultation, I will conduct a comprehensive Health Assessment. This means asking you lots of questions! But very important questions…. about your main presenting issues, previous medical history, family health history, emotional health, energy levels, diet and lifestyle. I also look at any previous testing and/or surgeries that you’ve had (i.e. blood tests, endoscopy etc.) and may recommend further testing if required (i.e. blood tests, hormonal profile, stool sample, blood pressure etc.).

Based on this comprehensive analysis, I work with you to devise goals and strategies to improve your health. This includes creating a Health and Wellness Plan tailored to meet YOUR unique needs. I provide dietary advice, lifestyle recommendations and nutritional supplements (if required) based on their therapeutic value to support the treatment and healing process. I don’t diagnose, treat symptoms, or rely on quick fixes; rather I treat the root cause and focus on long term, manageable and sustainable health outcomes.